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Frozen Flames are a collaboration between 2 Yankee women stranded in the south.

Melding warm glass with the flame, Dee Janssen GlassWorks and Lois Oster of Wolf Song Design have joined together to introduce an etheric new dimension in glass art. The depth and allure Dee creates with her remarkable glass has melded with Lois' outstanding torch work and technique to create pendants of exceptional beauty. Dee creates her signature pendant blanks in the kiln and Lois stretches, pulls and bends this glass into lyrical shapes.

During the creation of Frozen Flames, I noticed how the manipulation of the glass changed the look of my various stock colors.  This caused alot of color testing and formulation immediately after their introduction to find the best color choices for the Inner Glow (matte finish) series.  There are now some great new colors for the Frozen Flames and some of my other lines.