Artist Bio

Dee grew up in the small town of Broad Brook, Connecticut. During those years, her creativity drew her to try a variety of crafts. In 1991, she moved to Huntsville, Alabama and began designing jewelry in 1994. Dee met Arno Janssen a few years after moving to Alabama and Arno has been a source of encouragement to Dee as well as having become her support crew in her endeavors. 

In 2001, Dee began exploring the world of kiln formed glass in a desire to take her work to a new level. Now doing both functional glass pieces as well as jewelry, Dee is exploring a new level of art. The kiln formed glass pieces range from geometric pendant designs to multi-piece necklaces. Her first series is her soft, vibrant Inner Glow series that offers a fabulous matte finish inviting your touch as well as the vibrancy of glowing dichroic colors to delight the eye. Her pieces are winning awards and creating excitement in the world of glass.

As of August 2004 Dee Janssen GlassWorks relocated to the Atlanta area. Here she, Arno, their 3 cats and 2 dogs enjoy the southern weather and cosmopolitan ambiance.